Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are a great way to stay healthy and catch any potential health problems early. Primary Care is the first place to go for these exams.

Annual Wellness Exams

The annual wellness exam is a medical examination that is required for most health insurance plans. It is typically a routine check-up to ensure that the patient has no major health problems and is in good health.

Q. What is included in this exam?

  • checking your weight and heigh
  • BMI
  • checking your heart rate and blood pressure
  • performing physical exam 
  • gender-specific checks

Q. What tests are done during an annual wellness exam?

  • blood draw
  • urine sample
  • sexually transmitted infection tests

Q. What are the benefits of annual wellness exams?

  • discuss ways to stay healthy and prevent disease
  • catching potential health conditions early
  • providing you with a better understanding about healthy history 
  • help prevent complications
  • help develop relationship with your doctor
  • allows you to be proactive with your help
  • reduce amount of potential emergency room visits
  • lowering your healthcare costs in the long run 

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