Pre-op Clearance

Pre-op clearance is a process that is done before surgery to make sure that the patient is healthy enough for the surgery.

Pre-op Clearance

Pre-op clearance is a process that a person has to go through before they can undergo an operation. A doctor will check the patient’s medical records and history to see if they have any conditions or allergies that could affect the operation. The doctor will also look at any medications that the patient is taking and make sure they are not going to interfere with the surgery.

Q. What are the basic tests in pre-op clearance?

  • blood tests, x-rays
  • respiratory/lung function testing
  • gastrointestinal testing
  • cross-match blood testing
  • pregnancy test

Q. What are the standard pre-op tests?

  • vital signs
  • head and neck
  • testicular and prostate
  • general appearance
  • abdomen
  • lung function
  • vision, neurological
  • pelvic/pap smear/breast exam
  • hearing
  • dermatological
  • chest x-ray
  • heart (EKG), extremities, comprehensive lab testing

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